Frozen foods need love too! So, frozen food wine pairings MUST be made a thing (you’re welcome!) When news of the shelter-in-place first hit the Bay Area, I did what most people  did… ran to the grocery store and filled my cart up like I was getting ready for the apocalypse. Most of the cart was filled with canned and frozen food, and toilet paper (only 1 package, I swear!). To make staying home feel a smudge better, I would try to create a fancy-ish dinner using frozen meals and of course, wine! Here were some of my favorite frozen food and wine pairings during my shelter-in-place experience! 


Jose Ole Beef Taquitos and Grenacha

Having some taquitos fresh out of the oven, with a bit of sour cream or guacamole, sounds like heaven to me. The peppery, ripe fruit flavors of Garnacha go great with the chile spices in the taquito and the sweetness of the corn tortillas. 


Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie and Chardonnay

This simple, humble frozen dinner goes so well with a lightly-oaked Chardonnay, such as Chablis. You can’t go wrong with Chardonnay and chicken in a creamy sauce. The silky and elegant stands up beautifully to the sweetness from the peas and carrots and pie crust.


Applegate Chicken Nuggets and Champagne

We rave about fried chicken and Champagne here at First Bottle, so why not also pair it with frozen chicken nuggets? The toasty, brioche-y notes from Champagne mimic the breading of the chicken nugget. Fancy it up even more by adding a bit of curry powder to your side of ketchup! 


Totino’s pizza rolls and Sangiovese

I know…this isn’t real pizza, BUT having a glass of Sangiovese will make you feel like you’re having lunch at a fancy pizzeria in Tuscany. The rich, earthy aromas of the Sangiovese helps balance out the boldness and fat content of the pepperoni.


Ling Ling Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings Potstickers and dry Riesling

Okay this is by far my favorite frozen food item, and having a plate of potstickers with a glass of Riesling is amazing.  The refreshing acidity and citrus notes help cut through the richness of the fried dumpling and the umami bomb from the dipping sauce. Don’t forget to thaw that dipping sauce! The meal is incomplete without it!