Put a bottle of wine to use, and make some easy peasy, classic wine cocktails. All 4 ingredients or less, and can be made super quick if you’re having a bad day and need a pick-me-up! 


Classic Champagne Cocktail


I know… You were expecting us to talk about the French 75, but no one really knows about the Classic Champagne cocktail. Well it is time to show this OG the love it is due. Start off with your favorite sparkling wine (doesn’t have to be Champagne!), add a sugar cube, a couple dashes of bitters, and a touch of brandy if you are feeling up for it. Who said that this has to be a special occasion drink? I say, it can be your everyday drinker!


White Port and Tonic


This is a common cocktail found all throughout Portugal. Start with your favorite port (shoutout Tawny 20 year) and finish with tonic water over ice. Garnish with a wedge of citrus, and sip away! 


Sherry Flips


Fan of the pisco sour? Try the Sherry Flip, one of our favorite wine cocktails! Start off with the sherry of your choice, add some simple syrup for some sweetness, and add an eggwhite. Shake, shake, shake! Pro tip: do a dry shake of all the ingredients in your cocktail shaker for 30 seconds and then repeat with ice; this will help produce a richer, more consistent foam.



The Perfectly Proportioned Kalimotxo (Calimocho)

Need to spice up your leftover red wine? Try the Kalimoxto! This hails from the Basque Country in northern Spain. Mix the red wine (we recommend Rioja, of course!) with some Coke (glass bottle if you can get it), add a squeeze of lemon or lime and don’t be afraid to throw that wedge in there, and you’re ready to go!