Employee spotlight alert! Meet Ariane. 

1.) How long have you worked in the wine industry and what drew you to it? Was there an epiphany wine that hooked you?

Before working for First Bottle, I worked in restaurants all throughout college and into my early 20s. One of the restaurants I worked at was an Italian restaurant in Oakland, CA called Oliveto. It was here where I found my true love for Sangiovese and Nebbiolo! I remember trying wines from Bruno Giacosa and Produttori, and as cheesy as it sounds, my life was forever changed! 

 2.) How long have you worked at First Bottle Wine (FBW) and what is your role?

I joined the company in February 2018 and started as the Sales Coordinator for BPW Wine Merchants and as the Returns Coordinator for Last Bottle Wines, our awesome “one wine per day” sister site. BPW was then rebranded into First Bottle Wines.  Currently, I am the Sales Coordinator for First Bottle Wines and Invino Wines, another one of our sister companies. Having been in several roles has most definitely allowed me to learn the different aspects of the company!

 3.) What do you love about your role and what is its biggest challenge?

What I love most about working at First Bottle Wines is that we are basically a small family here. I see the bosses and my coworkers more than I see anyone else in my life, and they are the reason why work is so fun and enjoyable (who ever said that??). We also have the most supportive customers ever, some from the old BPW days, and it’s amazing to see some of them order multiple times a week.

 The biggest challenge is realizing that we can’t make everyone happy, regardless of how hard we try. We always want our customers to have the very best experience with our company, and so when that doesn’t happen, it disappoints us as well as them.

4.) What are some of your favorite First Bottle Wines?

My daily drinker would have to be the Audebert Bourgueil Rouge Loire Valley 2018. Not embarrassed to say I bought 2 cases like a madwoman, haha. I also love the wines from La Fortuna. We direct-import their wines and I’m looking forward to one day visiting them. Lastly, who can forget about grower Champagne!? The wines from Remy Massin (who we also direct-import), especially the Special Clubs, never disappoint!

 5.) What is the coolest wine you got to taste while working at First Bottle?

On a random Friday, one of the owners, Cory, was kind enough to open some bottles from his cellar for us to try. The lineup included a 1984 Robert Mondavi Cabernet, a 1971 Chianti Classico, a 1987 Stony Hills Semillon de Soleil, a 1976 Travaglini Gattinara, just to name a few. My favorite had to be the 1986 Trimbach Gewurztraminer (huge fan of Trimbach!). Never thought I would try so many old wines all in one day!

 6.) What are some of your favorite food and wine pairings?

Filipino food and Champagne, all day! I think I’ve spoiled my family, because now they all expect to have a bottle (or two) of Champs when we get together. Try it with pancit (noodles) or lechon kawali (crispy fried pork belly) – best made by the #1 homecook in the world, my mom!

 7.) If you could open one bottle in the entire world, what would it be and who would you share it with?

As unrealistic as it may be, I would love to try a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, and I would drink it all by myself. Just kidding… I would share a glass (1 GLASS) with best friend/soon-to-be-husband, Nick, but only if he’s on his best behavior 🙂