Do you really love wine if you haven’t written a hit song about it? Wine songs are a thing you should know aboutt by now.

Music and wine are a classic pairing. At least the organizers of the Bottlerock Napa Valley Music Festival thought so. And having attended the festival for 3 years now, they aren’t wrong.

Wine has varietals and music has genres and you’d be surprised at how well some of those combinations sync up. Crank up your favorite Country tune and knock back a Napa Red Blend that has been spent 10 months in a whiskey barrel. Let the harmonies swirl on your favorite classic Jazz record as you sip a velvety, right bank Bordeaux. Let the effervescence of the Champagne bubbles lift you up out of your chair and kick off your 80’s synth pop dance moves.

As much as music fans love wine, so do musicians and songwriters. There has been no shortage of songs written over the years that not only mention wine in the lyrics, but many are completely dedicated to wine! Here’s a list of our favorite songs written about our favorite beverage.


Song Title: Wine, Beer, Whisky

Artist: Little Big Town

Summary: This Country/Pop sing-along ode to all things alcohol has its priorities straight, with wine being first. We’re thinking a chilled Rose (maybe even a Froze) is the right choice to cool you down at an outdoor Country Music Festival in August.

Wine Pairing: County Line Rose of Pinot Noir Elke Home Ranch Anderson Valley 2019


Song Title: Tin Cup Chalice

Artist: Jimmy Buffet

Summary: If you’re wearing shoes while listening to this song, you’re doing it wrong. This must be listened to on a beach or sailboat in the summer. Even though the song mentioned filling up a chalice with red wine, this is clearly a white wine drinking song, and we’d gladly sip a chilled Sauvignon Blanc to it.

Wine Pairing: Lail Sauvignon Blanc Blueprint 2018


Song Title: I Will Drink The Wine

Artist: Frank Sinatra

Summary: The ‘Ol Micky Blue Eyes cover of this song is a classic. The wine is a metaphor in this tune but we’ll happily drink real wine as we listen nonetheless. This is a subtle counter culture, screw you, down with the The Man, I’m-gonna-do-things-my-way kinda song. That’s why we’d pair it with a Malbec, which despite being a noble, French varietal, decided to skip town and become famous in Argentina.

Wine Pairing: Fabre Montmayou Gran Reserva 2018


Song Title: Ah! Le Petite Vin Blanc

Artist: Lina Margy

Summary: Be careful, if you close your eyes while listening to this classic French song, you will be transported to the streets of Paris and actually smell freshly-baked baguettes. Obviously, given the title, a French white wine must be consumed, and our choice is a classic, white Burgundy.

Wine Pairing: Domaine Coche-Dury Meursault Perrieres 1er Cru 2014


Song Title: Sangria Wine

Artist: Pharrell Williams & Camilla Cabello

Summary: If this spicy pop tune with a latin flair doesn’t get your feet moving then I’m sorry, there’s no hope for you. We can only imagine drinking a Spanish wine as Camilla flips from singing her verse from English to Spanish, so we paired this song with a lovely Ribera de Duero.

Wine Pairing: Hacienda Solano Ribera del Duero Seleccion 2018